About WAGGIN Minecraft

The WAGGIN Minecraft server is for young adult patrons of Washington, Greene, and Fayette county public libraries.  The server is meant as a mostly creative and collaborative space for local students to play and socialize.  The server is maintained by WAGGIN librarians and is whitelisted, meaning that we make sure that only those who meet the requirements (see below for “Who can play”) to play are the only ones who can play on the server (so you and your parents can rest easy).  Before joining the server, please read the Code of Conduct (listed below or on wagginminecraft.tumblr.com).

Following wagginminecraft.tumblr.com is also a great way to stay in the know about server maintenance, competitions, and other news!

Code of Conduct for WAGGIN Minecraft

The following message regards behavior on the WAGGIN Minecraft server.  Guidelines for expected behavior (and punishments for those who do not follow them) are as follows:

1) Respect other players!  You may be playing with a username, but the librarians took your real names when you signed up.  You should behave around others and their property as you would irl.  This is an over arching rule that breaks up into a few, more specific rules:

-ABSOLUTELY NO GRIEFING!  Any destruction, alteration, or theft of another player’s property is never okay.  Depending on the severity of the griefing, players can expect anything from a warning to a ban.  An appeal can be made to a server-administrating librarian regarding a ban, but we will reserve the right to keep the ban permanent should we decide that your behavior is not appropriate for this server.

-Keep the chat family-friendly.  This is an under-18 server.  You may be playing with someone your age, or older, or younger.  Use of curse words, hateful language, harassment, or any kind of bullying will not be tolerated.  Censors are already in place for cursing, but if we see any harassment between players, the offending players will be met with a 24-hour ban.  If the player continues to offend others through inappropriate language, they will be banned permanently.

-Do not attack other players without a clear agreement that they would like to engage in a Player vs Player battle.  Players who attack others for the sake of looting/theft and harassment will face a 24-hour ban.  If a player continues to rob and harass others through constant fighting, they may be banned permanently.

2) Cheating will not be tolerated.  The server is meant for social and creative purposes, so we expect everyone to play on equal terms.  Depending on the effects of a cheat (and especially if it affects other players), a player who uses cheats while on the server may face a ban as short as 24 hours to as long as a permanent one.

3) If you see something, say something (and use very clear language).  The librarians who started this server monitor activity and chat logs regularly, so if you are being harassed or see something suspicious, write it in the chat log.  Even if we are not on, we will see it as soon as we’re able to check.

If something is not clear in these rules, if there are rules that ought to be added, or if you have any other general concerns regarding the rules, please reach out with the “Ask” tab on this blog’s homepage, or contact one of your Minecraft librarians.

We hope you enjoy your time on the server.

Who can play

In order to join the WAGGIN Minecraft server, players must meet these criteria:

  • Must be between the ages of 9 and 17
  • Must have a Mojang account to access the computer version of Minecraft (console and mobile version are not compatible; we’re sorry), and
  • Must have a valid WAGGIN card in good standing (no fines or overdue items)

How to sign up

If you do not have a library card, you will first need to register for one with your local Washington, Greene, or Fayette county library.  Once you have a WAGGIN library card, notify your librarian that you would like to join the Minecraft server.  You will need to provide him or her with your Mojang username so that we can add you to the whitelist and provide you with the address to connect with us via Multiplayer mode!