Outreach Registration Cards

Outreach  Reg Cards 2021 2019 PDF

Please use this file to print patron registration cards for Outreach.  PLEASE PRINT OUTREACH REGISTRATION CARDS ON BLUE CARDSTOCK.

I have added a Staff area in the upper left corner for: staff initials, Notifications:  Text Y/N (don’t forget phone carrier), E-mail Y/N, Maintain reading history Y/N, and the name of the Outreach event.  Please add the name of the Outreach event to a non-blocking note in Polaris in case you decide to do an event search.

For Outreach registrations and check-outs, you will use your library specific LEAP URL.

Please print these cards on BLUE cardstock.  If you don’t have BLUE, please call or email the district office and we will send you a batch of BLUE cards.